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We deliver solutions for technical challenges and help tech companies to expand engineering capacity.
Technical Consulting Experts of MugCo with years of experience and industry insides will discover your business challenges and take them as a personal one, assisting you to determine targets and address appropriate solutions to achieve your goals. MugCo Consulting Approach MugCo experts investigate your existing software product or provide research of your ideas tailored to your fundamental provisions and future desires. Evaluating risks, costs, and benefits, we provide a strategy defining the appropriate technology stack, to help you safely and fast achieve begged business results. MarCo’s technology consultants contribute unique expertise to accelerate your development process and take your idea to market faster. Our ultimate goal is to guarantee you meet your future business aims, recommend necessary actions for improvements, and provide support. Analysis Roadmap Deployment Support 1 2 3 4 What we do Organization & Operations Process Optimization Delivery Optimization Adoption Enablement & Management Target Operating Models Capability Change/Build Innovation Workshops Digital Solutions Agile Professional Development Technology Solution Architecture Platform & Product Strategy Cloud Transformation Why MugCo Technical Consulting? Digital Boost Enter new markets with confidence supported by our comprehensive analytics and insights. Cost Optimization Reduce your expenses and increase the outcome with our extensive analysis and tech consulting services. Diminish Risks Decrease business risks by evaluating hazards and vulnerabilities in your technology solutions. Delivery Optimization Our Agile methods guarantee client involvement across the project and let the team to be focused on delivering the crucial features first. Evolve Faster Implement your software products efficiently utilizing our expertise. We can provide solutions to your most challenging demands in weeks. Stay focused on your business We provide a full-cycle development process. While we carefully develop your software from start to finish, converting your ideas into an integrated fully working application you can take care of your meaningful business tasks. Let’s have a mug of coffee
Smart Team MugCo provides a new type of engineering talent with the most recent toolsets to address the largest and complex business challenges, delivering innovation, development and customized technology solutions. We constantly deliver large-scale projects on time, leveraging onshore, nearshore and offshore models. Your Company MugCo Smart Team RECRUITING/STAFFING LEGAL SUPPORT ONBOARDING / ORIENTATION PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT COMPENSATION / BENEFITS YOUR METHODOLOGY & PROCESSES MUGCO EXPERTISE How MugCo’s Smart Team works What we do Enterprise applications Digital platforms Cloud & devops Testing services Scaled Systems Agile ApplicPrebuilt Solutio Solution Architecture ation Development ns & Open Source Methodes Analytics Services Advanced Technologies Productization Of Services Explorations Why MugCo Smart Team? High performance level Integrated Agile methodology in the development process, our team, constantly delivers strong performance within each Sprint. De-risked approach Our Smart Teams have been created as high-efficiency teams of talents ensure consistent, high-quality delivery. Easy scaling Our Smart Teams are based on a rapid scalability approach. They are ready to expand your development capacity following your business expansion goals and project needs. Cost & Time Optimization With Smart Team you can easily decrease local headcount, reduce expenses, optimize onboarding time, and increase team management performance. Efficient recruitment We established high-performance requiting process, based on existing talents network and academics collaborations, which drastically reduce time to hire talented developers to accelerate you project development. Be on Market Faster Smart Teams will boost-up your product release using best-fit high-quality resources, hi-end tools, and processes.
San Francisco Kiev Odessa MugCo is the software development company based in San Francisco, CA, USA. With additional offices in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine. About MugCo
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