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MugCo Teams MugCo’s revolutionary service provides organizations looking to grow their technical, design, data science and operational teams with a new way to grow and invest into their remote teams in Eastern and Central Europe as well as Latin America. Your Organization MugCo RECRUITING/STAFFING LEGAL SUPPORT ONBOARDING / ORIENTATION PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT COMPENSATION / BENEFITS HR YOUR METHODOLOGY & PROCESSES MUGCO EXPERTISE How MugCo Teams work What we do Software engineers
QA engineers UX/UI designers DevOps engineers Data engineers DBA/SQL
Scrum Master
Product Managers
Business Analysts Technology Professional Services Sales Engineering Customer Support Customer Success Project managers
 Operations Digital Marketing Manager Demand Generation Manager Growth Marketing Manager Marketing Operations Manager Brand Manager Marketing Project Manager Content Marketing Manager Social Media Manager Product Marketing Manager Customer Marketing Manager SEO Manager Digital PR Manager PPC Manager Digital Marketing Why MugCo? YOUR Team Unlike traditional outsourcing, MugCo helps you build a team. Outsourcing is a lease of resources. Contracted resources are vendors. Your MugCo team is yours and is an asset. MugCo helps you build and maintain that asset People you want MugCo helps you find and keep the people you want. With MugCo you are building your team with people chosen by you Full Control Unlike rate-based outsourcing your MugCo team is under your control. You control your team’s carrier paths, compensation and other motivational aspects of being a team member Lower Attrition No one likes losing great team members. MugCo Team methodology results in a higher satisfaction and motivation and direct interaction with your business without middlemen. MugCo teams beat average attrition rates by 10% Scalable Because MugCo builds your team for you and does not "lease" out resources to you, MugCo is able to scale your team with the changes in your business Cost Effective Since you control your team and their compensation you always get the most for your investment in your team. MugCo rates are simple and fixed
MugCo is a team development company based in the Silicon Valley About MugCo
There are numerous key differences between the traditional outsourcing model and MugCo. Traditional outsourcing and staffing provide technical resources at fixed hourly rates. MugCo charges a flat management fee for each team member, leaving their compensation for you to control. Another key difference is that the teams which MugCo builds for your business are your teams. This means that at the end of the day not only are you benefiting from the favorable financial model, abundant educated workforce but you are also building an asset. Traditional outsourcers “take their people back”. Your team is your team. MugCo’s ultimate responsibility is the health, growth, and satisfaction of your team. KPIs by which measure our success are: How fast can we find the people you want, how happy are you with your team and the Team member churn rate. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How does MugCo work? 2. How is MugCo different from traditional outsourcing? Its simple and easy. Based on your needs we help you hire, house, enable and nurture teams in remote locations. MugCo acts as your HR and Operations team on the ground in the epicenters of technological innovation. MugCo is in the business of growing and nurturing your teams. 3. How is MugCo like traditional outsourcing? Like traditional outsourcers, MugCo provides the convenience of contracting with a single US Based vendor. 4. How much does it cost? Your total cost will usually be calculated as Team Member Compensation + MugCo Fee + Any Local taxes Your MugCo Team costs will vary based on the people and roles which comprise your team. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you an overview of current market compensation guidelines specific to your requirements. 5. What is MugCo responsible for? 6. What does the process look like? b. c. d. e. a. Your MugCo recruiting team finds candidates for your team based on your requirements MugCo screens the candidates You interview the candidate MugCo facilitates the hiring process MugCo on-boards your new teammate and provides everything they need to start making a difference for you immediately. 7. How long does it take to build a team? This highly depends on team member requirements and other factors. 10 team members in 90 days is a good “average” when thinking about technology teams.
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